Friday, December 18, 2015

Moment of Truth

moment of truth

Def :-  a time when a person or thing tested, a decision has to be made, or a crisis has to be faced

Following is a single page story inspired from real life incidents, will make you think, who you are...

Present Day in the life of Our Hero.

The chillness in the air was boosting up the early morning sleep of our Hero. Still the noise of the heavy rain outside was loud enough to wake him up. As everyday, the first thing our Hero did was to check his whatsapp. The expected relief for him was that his office declared holiday due to heavy rain. It also made him worry about the compensatory working on upcoming Saturday.

To start the holiday, Our hero came freshen up with a cup of coffee and sat in-front of  TV. All news channels were flashing the videos and news about flood. Not much infl
uenced by that, our hero again started checking whatsapp, for group updates. There the thing our hero noticed was attracting his attention. His friend added him in a group named "Chennai Floods". People were exchanging key information in the group about where help is required for people stranded in flood.

An hour passed on by checking these posts. And there came the moment of truth for our hero. A sudden new message popped up in that group stating, 

"Have to distribute 1000 Food packets near Velachery. Need volunteers urgently. Pls call +91 9***4 5***1".

Our hero resides exactly in Velachery. He wanted to go out and help people, but there was a resistance, an unknown hesitation which was stopping our hero. By that moment, everything goes blank and a set of past incidents started to run over his mind.

Flashback 1 : On The Road

A usual morning, our hero along with a huge crowd was standing on the signal, waiting to cross the road to reach his office on the other side. Mostly all the vehicles have passed the signal and the road became empty, people started to cross the road. Our hero was also crossing along with them and there he noticed a vehicle.

A man without legs was on a tricycle which gets pedaled by hand. The vehicle was standing alone in the middle of the road about 100 meters behind the signal. The person was trying to pedal by hand, but couldn't make it. The vehicle had stopped there for the signal, but once the signal opened, all vehicles left but this person could not move as he couldn't get enough force on pedal to move the vehicle from stationary. The poor fellow's hands were week. Our hero understood this situation clearly by looking from a distance. Many people who were crossing the road along with our hero saw the handicap guy, but nobody decided to do anything. Our hero wanted to help this man but he also doesn't want to get late to office.

At that point, What did he do...?

Flashback 2 : For his Love

Drizzling rain just got stopped in late evening. Our hero was standing along with his best friend at a bus stand. She's waiting for her bus as their final semester is over by now. So, she had vacated her hostel and going back to her hometown. Even tough they both started as best friends, our hero had grown a lot of love towards her in his heart. The problem is he never expressed that to her.
Our hero completely know the depth of the situation. He know that this is his last solid chance to express that. After this, there are very rare chance for both of them to meet. The bus will be moving in next 10 minutes and our hero desperately wanted to express his feelings, but the fear of rejection and the fear of losing a friend were continuously resisting him.

At that point, What did he do...?

Flashback 3 : Being Human

Evening time our tired hero was walking back to home. There used to be a Water Melon vendor in the street where our hero resides who sells water melon slices. On his way home, our hero noticed, some 4 or 5 children from the near by slum came rushing to the watermelon vendor. The vendor asked them to wait and he picked up a large sak (bag) from below his table and inverted it aside.

The bag was full of the waste watermelon shells which were thrown by his customers after eating the fruit. The next scene just shocked our hero. Those slum dwell children started to pick those thrown away water melon shells and were eating the very few remaining leftover fruit from those waste shells. The visual deeply affected our hero. He checked and he was having enough money. So Our hero wanted to buy a fresh watermelon and feed those children. But he was afraid of getting an unwanted attention.

At that point, What did he do...?

Flashback 4 : At Home

In the mid of a night, some sound disturbed our hero from his sleep. He did not wake up from bed. He was observing by laying in his bed itself, that the lights were on and he heard some whispers. His mom and dad were talking slowly. In-fact they were quarreling and were thinking that our hero had fell asleep.

Our hero was hearing the soft slow sound of his mom and the angry rough voice of his dad and suddenly he heard a sound "Flap". He then realizes that his mom is getting beaten. He wanted to wake up and stop the ongoing nonsense. He was also afraid of his dad.

At that point, what did he do....?

Back to Present Day

Suddenly these flashbacks gone through the mind of our hero and he thought...

"I've never done what I wanted to...
  1. All the handicap guy needed was a little push so that he could keep moving. I didn't do that.. 
  2. I couldn't reveal my feelings to my true love. At-least she would've known that I love her.
  3. All-tough I had money, I didn't had the courage to buy those children the watermelon.
  4. Even after knowing what's going on, I acted like sleeping that day.
These memories are haunting me and will haunt me till my lifetime. I don't want to make another regret in my memory."

Finally on the moment of truth, our hero decided to reveal his true self. He called the guy and joined as a volunteer and helped lots and lots of people in the flood.

Who you are and what you think doesn't matter. 'What you do' matters and 'what he did' made him our hero.

Remembering my favorite dialogue from Batman

"Its not who you are underneath. Its what you do that defines you..."

Dedicating this post to those brave hearts, who took courage, came out and helped people during Chennai floods.

All you guys are my real heroes. Salute...