Saturday, August 15, 2015

Are We Truly Independent...?

Happy Independence Day…

I started writing this blog with a strong guilt and full of sadness.

By the time of our Independence Day on 2013, I wrote a blog post in which I expressed about few stories of our freedom struggle which affected me. By the end of the blog post I also committed myself that I will do at least something that will be towards the goodness of this nation.

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Now it has been 2 years since then, but I’ve not done anything significant yet towards my commitment. Every year this very day, the same thought haunts me that I’ve not done anything significant. But still, I have to accept the fact, move over the guilt, think about and understand why I was unable to do anything about it. That’s what this post is about.

We all know that our nation got independence 68 years ago. But the real question is, Are we, the people of this country are really independent. I believe, we only got freed from Britain but we are still not free.

Many people say that we are ruled by politicians, some say we are still slaves of big corporates, and few also say that we are tied up by corruption.

But I believe, our restriction is nothing but our own thoughts and preconceived beliefs.

How can we consider ourselves independent when.,

  • A 21 year old Indian thinks he cannot join politics because he don’t have a strong background and enough money
  • A 23 year old Indian girl thinks she cannot utilize her talent and capabilities because she is limited only to be inside the kitchen,
  • A 25 year old Indian thinks he cannot oppose casteism involved in his marriage because he may get outcasted by his family,
  • A 28 Year old Indian thinks he cannot start a company because he don’t have capital investment,

I am not claiming that the mentioned concerns are not true. They may be real concerns, I accept.  But how many of us have really tried before giving up.

I hope many of us would’ve seen domestic elephants mostly in temples. If we notice one thing, the elephant would be tied up using a small chain in one of its foot. It must not be a big deal for such an enormous creature to pull over the chain to run away. But still it won’t. The reason is astonishing.
It’s because, the elephant was tied up to that chain since its childhood. By that time, it tries to come out of the chain but fails. So it accepts its failure, gives up and throughout its life time, it lives with a perception that it cannot break the chain. Even after growing up, when it is easy to break the chain, still it will never try.

When we look at our situation, does it resembles to that of the elephant. We live in few others’ past failures and restrict ourselves from trying new things. We refuse to come out of the box...

The first thing we must do is to free ourselves from our own thoughts and restrictions. 

Be free to do good... Never restrict...

I believe Independence Day is also celebrated to remind every one of us that we are free and independent. 

Jai Hind...

Happy Independence day again...