Friday, February 26, 2016

Whose Fault...?

Hello everybody.., either you are here by a mistake or there is a chance that I would’ve tortured you continuously to read this blog.  However, since you are here I would like you to go through the below short story. This is no normal story, it gives you a bigger picture in the end.  A situation gets created in this story. I want you to tell me in the end, whose fault is that and how could’ve the situation be avoided.

There lived a very orthodox family in the city. The root of the problem is that the younger son of the family gets suspicious that his father (the head of the family) is indulged in a crime. As there was no close transparent relation between the father and this son, this younger son the suspicion didn’t get cleared. Instead it was growing inside him deeply. He got some more details from his father from some less authentic sources. The information may be right or wrong. But being a young boy with volatile emotions, the boy started to build strong hatred towards his father and the whole family as it is run by his father.

There comes another character in the story, the elder brother of this boy. The relation between the elder son and the father is very much closer and he is very proud of his father for all the work the father is doing to uplift the family. He feels lucky to be born in this family.

Now all the drama started when the younger son one day during a quarrel, started expressing his hatred and anger towards his father. He started abusing his father and the whole family. On hearing such a reaction towards his father and the family, the elder brother who values his family more than anything, started the fight against his younger brother. The elder brother escalated the matter to his father also and projected the younger brother as a villain.
The father also gets pissed off with the younger son and claimed that abusing your own family is such a big crime. The father started beating up this boy then started to find ways to corner and punish him.

The whole family started fighting with each other and each one of them was finding fault on the other. Now tell me whose fault lies where…?

I’ll put up my opinion first.

The Younger Son: The first question arise weather he was totally travelling with a prejudice towards his father. May be that’s why his thoughts were always against his father and he’s digging out a story of crime because of this hatred. Or let’s take that he’s correct about the crime his father is involved with. In that case, he must collect the evidences and should’ve confronted the family in a much softer way without hurting anybody’s feelings. And however abusing the whole family just because he suspect his father is involved in a crime, that’s completely a bull shit and that makes him obviously the first culprit.

The Elder Son:   The elder son also stands a culprit in my view. Because, he could’ve dealt the issue in a completely different manner. He could’ve address his brother much softly and could’ve made him realise his mistake. After all that’s his younger brother, part of his family. Moreover, he should also have an open mind-set. He should’ve also checked, may be his brother could be right about father’s crime. Just being a father doesn’t means he’s always correct. And if this elder one is confident enough that his father is innocent, then he should be discussing the fact and figures in front of his brother which could’ve helped the brother to understand the fact. He neither did so. He directly started countering the younger brother only by highlighting the mistake he’d done.

The Father: Being the father, there was a mature response expected while addressing the problem. The issue of the younger son expressing his anger and how he expressed it is the secondary problem. The father should be more concerned about why this thought basically came in the younger son’s mind. Why he is always not getting along with the family. The father should’ve been worried about these things. If he thinks he’s innocent he should’ve opened-up himself in front of his son and clarified his position. Should’ve given more confidence. But the father didn’t do so. His fatherly ego stopped him from doing so. He directly went on banging his son for his mistake, gave no clarity about the accusation made against him.

In My point of view, any one of the character could’ve acted / reacted differently, the issue could’ve stopped or avoided at the basic level itself.
Now why do I tell such an odd story?

Now go through the whole story and relate it to current scenario in the country. Consider
·         The younger son as the students of JNU
·         The elder brother will be the so called nationalists like ABVP and other pro BJP groups
·         The father being the Govt of India.

Now look at the above story with the same scenario.
If you ask me about which side I’m taking, I’d say, I do not take any side. Because when you take any side, you start hating the other side. I neither stand for the younger son nor to the elder son or the father. I stand by the family. Collectively every person has his significance in this family.

I’d like to hear your views in this.