Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why do we need God(s) & Religion...?

Why do we need God(s)...?

God according to me is nothing but a Belief…! As belief is just a feeling and you cannot prove that physically, so does the existence of God. It cannot be proved.

But Belief is a psychological requirement. Hence I feel, in this society, God is also a Psychological requirement.

If God is a Psychological Requirement then
Religion is just a Social Requirement.

Religion is nothing but an organized collection of beliefs which is required to manipulate a large number of people. Then the question arises Is it correct to manipulate people. Manipulating people can both be positive also be negative.

Ex1: Parent telling a child, God will punish you if you tell lies. (This is a positive type of manipulation driven with a good intention).

Ex2: A Priest telling a devotee, you will not conceive a Child until I does a Pooja to God worth Rs.10,000 + Taxes. (This is a negative manipulation driven by selfish motive).

Both are possible only in the form of religion. On both the occasions the parent / priest were trying to manipulate / Influence them on the basis of the faith that the child / devotee have in God.

What I am trying to say is that religions was a medium which was being used to transfer the values to next generation.

Then came the Logical Era in 20th century, where people instead of relying on people / beliefs everything was driven by logic. This was the phase when the religion failed logically to prove the existence of god. But those modern era people who were against religion, actually failed to understand the fact that GOD was just a medium which was coined to communicate many important things which we call it as values. Because everybody will not understand logic. Hence we cannot succeed at all the occasions if we try to communicate things through Logic.

Also the major problem with Logic is that it does not concentrate on subjective reality. It looks everything and everybody as mere objects. All individuals cannot be controlled by a set if logical rule book. Each person is different and the circumstances around us is also variable. So, rules are required but always with a context.

Many religions gave importance to subjective reality, especially I liked Hinduism. Hinduism didn’t emphasized on rules rather emphasis more on Dharma. Dharma is not a rule to be followed. Dharma is a concept to be understood. For Eg: Breaking a War Rule is not at all acceptable. But Lord Krishna itself does that. Why..? To upheld Dharma. Whereas on the other hand Lord Ram follows all the rules and led by an example. Hinduism worship both the lords.  The difference in their characteristics is because of the different circumstance around them. Both used different ways to upheld dharma.

Recently I was reading about Sikhism. Many of us would’ve heard this often that you cannot see a Sikh Beggar. Mostly it is true also. I read a peculiar reason for the same. They have this system called langar. Langar is just a Free Kitchen. First Sikh Guru Guru Nanak Dev Ji started this to upheld equality between all. So some quote that because of this system, as the major requirement of Food is being taken care by the religion hence they don’t tend to beg. Whatever may be the reason, but if a religion can bring such a remarkable change to this society, then why don’t we need religion. Also Sikhism being a younger religion (Compared to others) they’ve understood the changing reality around them and have given equal importance to female gender too. When compared to many other religions in which there is huge gender inequality, Sikhism looks both the gender equally without any partiality.

The thing is because of the misusers of religion and the terrible ill effects of the same, many of us have stated rejecting / hating religion. Through this whole article I am just trying to clarify that Religion is not bad and not meant to be bad also. But of course I accept the fact that religion is being used bad, and we need to get out of that. And without understanding the intention of the existence of religion, we will not be able to get out of that.