Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cause of Rape...

Happy Women’s Day……!!!!!

Let me start this post on a positive note.
  • Nation have at-least accepted that Rape is a serious problem in the community.
  • We've also started discussing about the cause of this issue and about how to address the same.

However what I found disturbing was the 2 prominent opinions coming from different sides regarding the cause of a Rape.
  • The Dressing sense of modern girls are provoking Rape.
  • The anti-rape laws are not very stringent in this country which fails to stop rapists from doing so.
Both the causes are not justified completely. Let’s discuss on the most ridiculous statement first, about the dressing sense.

1)    Girls dressing sense provokes rape:

First let me clarify that a girl can wear whatever she wants to wear and she doesn't need to justify that. But the below explanation is just an outcome of logical thinking on why they dress like the way it is. It also explains why we should not question that.

I have a habit of telling stories. Here's a small story which can give an insight.

Once there was someone called “Society”
And there lived one boy and there lived one girl.

One day he wanted to be recognized by the “Society”

So he went to the Society and asked “What should I do to get recognized by you..?”

For that, the society answered,
“To get recognized,
You need not to be good ,
not required to be helpful or straight forward.
Only thing you need to do is, to get RICH. Then we may recognize you."

There onward the boy started running towards the goal of getting rich..

He did all he can do to get rich.

Sometimes even some unethical things to get rich.

Eventually he gets rich..,

Now one day what happened is someone robbed his house and stolen all his wealth.

Now the society came and doesn't asked that "Why did you earn this much money...? That's why some body robbed you."

The society did not blamed the boy, It blamed the robber.


One day she also wanted to be recognized by the “Society”

So she also went to the Society and asked the same, “What should I do to get recognized by you..?”

For her, the society replied differently, “You need not to be good, You need not to be caring, you need not to be graceful to get recognized.
Only thing you need to do is, to get beautiful. Then we may recognize you."

Now the girl started working towards her goal of getting beautiful.

She tried all possibilities to become beautiful.

She did each thing to look beautiful.

Eventually she started looking beautiful..,

Later one day she got raped..

But now society blames her stating "Why you were looking beautiful....? That's why you got raped."

Of-course, money getting robbed and getting raped are not to be compared. But I’m trying to explain the difference in attitude.

Now whom to blame here. The boy, the girl or the society.

Who is this Society…? It’s none other than you, me and all of us.
As long as we see boys as money making machines and girls as beauty Commodities, this issue persists. “Think”

2)    Week Anti Rape Laws promotes rape:

This point is far better than the Dressing sense. But still this does not address the real problem.

Of-course the rapists have behaved like devils and they should be punished. But try to look at the bigger picture.

They didn't came from a different planet or so. They are one among us. At-least they were one among us.

In simple words Humans are turning into Devils.

People want stronger cage to lock those devils up. (Stronger anti-rape laws)

The stronger you make the cage, the devils are becoming even stronger. How long you can hold the devils in the cage…?

We need to address the real problem of “Why humans are turning into devils…”

I’m not saying to forgive them or release those rapists.

Of-course we need cages until we stop humans from turning into devils. But our concentration should be more in stopping those humans turning into devils rather than making strong cages.

We should definitely start redefining about our perception of looking women. Let’s understand and stop gender inequality.

It’s high time we act and do something to address this issue. My point to this society which is in the verge of change is simple. The immediate change is required in our own mindset. “Think before you act”

Happy Women’s Day……!!!!!