Thursday, May 9, 2013

Whats My Dream...!

Dear Everyone,,

I am performing really bad in balancing my personal and professional life.

I've started writing 3 posts in my blog. But couldn't complete any of them, all 3 are incomplete.
Got tight due to work. Rather I failed balancing both.

Okay, I see some very happy, as because of that they've escaped from reading my blogs.
Even you guys are expecting my company to give more and more work, so that I don't write blogs.. I know..,

Still, You are being cursed to read this post anyways.

Fine, let me come to the topic.

Few days back, I was talking to my friend, who I can say had literally stopped dreaming.

I see many faces around me nowadays similar to him, who are religious in their work & many got frustrated because of them. Today, many of us are as same. It would be a huge lie, if I say I was not in that gang. Me too was like that, till few days back.

Getting into a core professional studies and working with a corporate company bottoms up. In this very responsible career, we've forgotten to actually Dream. Too much of maths, physics and profession led ourselves into a completely logical world where we forgot the word called creativity.

And all of us call ourselves as "Practical People".

I was talking to my friend regarding our long back dream of starting a business together.

All of a sudden, his complete consciousness came into act telling about the Non-Feasibility of such thoughts and he started telling that, we are not in a position (Less money & less Experience) at present to talk about such things.

I accept man, but I'm not talking about opening a business very next day. I accept to start the business, more money and much more experience is required. But for talking about that, dreaming and aspiring about that I don't feel those things are required.

Why do we feel frustrated....? Because we stopped dreaming....

Why do we stop Dreaming...? Because we don't feel that feasible...

Why do they seem not feasible...? -

There I found the real Problem.

What are we dreaming of is a real concern. Then I remembered a quote from the speech of Mr. Narendra Modi which I heard recently. There were lots of political talks, but one quote mentioned there was really great.

"Kuch Banne ki sapne mat Dekho...
Hamesha Kuch Karne ki Sapne Dekho.."

"Don't dream to become Something / Someone...
Always dream to Do something"

"Don't dream to become a Scientist
But rather dream to invent something..."

It is a very very minute difference. If you want to become some one.., then you are distributing the responsibility to many people around you.

If you dream to do something, then the whole responsibility of doing the thing lies with you. Also it is more feasible to do something that to become someone.

A very small change in thinking can have a huge impact on our psychology.

The mistake of dreaming so was also not ours completely. The root lies far deep in our early stages. Long long ago, when I was studying in my primary school, I was being taught in my moral science or some other subject I don't remember. I was being taught about occupations.

It was telling like that.

Tailor - Stitches our clothes

Scientist -Invent new things

Carpenter - Makes Furniture, Etc

Like that they were teaching. Even you guys would've also been taught so, I believe.
According to my knowledge, even today the syllabus is like that only.
I feel this type of delivering the message was the very root cause for all the problems. Rather they should've been taught us like

One who stitches our Clothes is called Tailor.

One who invent new things is called scientist.

One who makes furniture is called carpenter.
I believe if the same message was delivered in this way, It would've motivated us to do things rather that only aspiring to become someone.

And for a child psychology the earlier way implicates a message like "Only scientist can invent new things" and such kind, which is really a serious problem..

So, finding the root cause of my friend's  frustration, we've reached to a primary school. I don't know whether I can change the Primary school syllabus. But I can try changing someone's mindset of dreaming.

Dream for something to do. And don't make limitations for them.

Goals needs to be Logical, not the Dreams. Also have 'N' number of dreams.

I prefer having atleast 50 to 60 dreams in your life. Any dream could become true and even many dreams could become true. Let me say some of my dreams.

  1. I want to compose a song on my own.
  2. I wanna write a book.
  3. I want to perform a small dance in front of atleast 1000 members audiance.
  4. Wanna master in striking MSD's Helicopter Shot.
  5. Etc.. 
Above are the few samples from my list of dreams...
Reading them, you would've came to know how illogical they are...
So be free.. Dream a lot.., They give you reason for living..
Happy Dreaming....!
See U guys...!