Friday, August 16, 2013

This Post should really Disturb You Deeply...!

Yesterday while surfing youtube, I came across some stories.... Short but true Stories of freedom struggle.. They just disturbed me deep inside...  I came across some familiar stories like one of Bhagat Singh's and also some new stories.. Let me share few of them first.

I may get confused with the name of characters, so better I didn't use names...

Story 1.

Freedom Struggle Period. Gandhi ji have announced not to use foreign clothes and the campaign have spread over the nation. In Mumbai port, the consignment of foreign clothes arrives. It gets unloaded in trucks and were yet to move in line... There a 14 yrs old boy who support Ghandian movement, ran and laid down holding the Tricolour Flag, in front of the first truck in line... The driver driving that was an Indian. He came down and begged him, “Son, these British animals will drive the truck over you. please move away son..” The brave youth replied “If you are afraid, you go away, I won’t move.”
The British officer got in the truck and raised the engine to move. No reaction from the boy except the chanting of the slogan “Vande Madaram”. The Unfortunate fact is that the clothes came inside our country only after driving the truck over that boy.
Story 2.
One of a freedom fighter was being chased by the British Police officers. He was running through a slum area. For cover he got into a small hut. Inside the hut there was a poor lady making her infant child sleep in a cradle. She’s illiterate and belongs to the lowest part of the community. She doesn’t know who this leader was. But she knew that they are fighting for the freedom. She never told anything and asked the Freedom fighter to hide in the rack available overhead and he hid there. The British officer came and asked the lady whether someone came here. The lady said no. The officer was carrying a long rifle in which a knife is attached in the front. He kept that knife over the chest of the infant sleeping and again asked whether someone came here. She again replied no. And, this time the officer pierced the knife fully into the chest of the child and lifted the child through knife and again asked whether anyone came here. She still replied no.

These stories and the other stories really disturbed me a lot. Lot of Blood shed. They’ve just given their lives like that, let it be Bhagat Singh or the 14 Yr old Boy or any other. Remember one thing, they always had a choice of not to die. May be our independence would’ve been delayed for 20 more years if they were not died. But still they took the tougher choice. They never worried about their lives, that’s one thing. But still it is not an easy thing to do. Lets understand how did they did that and rather why…?

Just empathize yourself in their position. Let’s assume you, your wife and your son are there in your family. You love your wife really very much. And you never bothered about your life. Now you are in a situation where you have to die for your wife. Even though you are ready to do anything for her, will you die leaving your loved one alone. If I was in that situation I will not die.

I will not die, unless I believe that my son & others will take care of my beloved one.

Now you can relate it to them. Those great souls died leaving the country they loved only because, they believed in us. Their thought process was that “My next generation will take care of my nation. So, without any worry I can sacrifice my life for her...”

They kept such confidence in us hence gave their lives.

Now I’ll end this topic open for your thoughts. Imagine the belief and confidence they kept on us. And look what we are doing… Are we keeping their beliefs or just backstabbing them.

Friends, truly my eyes are wet while writing this.., But it’s not time for sentiment. It’s time for commitment. I commit myself to the wellness of this country.

This is not an emotional dialogue. I mean it.

Jai Hind..,