Friday, October 26, 2012

AM I Brave..?

Hi Everyone....!

Me again,

I Know, Some people may think that, doesn’t he have any other Job than writing blogs, which no one even read.

I am very sorry to tell such people that, I'm not going to stop writing blogs. No matter anyone reads it or Not.

Ok, Let’s leave that and come to the topic. Lots of people like to and do talk about Courage, Bravery. Etc. We all like to be brave and courageous. Many feel that we are brave....I'm going to tell you a bitter truth that, Many of us are Cowards. Yes, C.O.W.A.R.D.S. Why..? That's what we are going to discuss. Let me ask you a question about 

Who is brave and who is coward..?

There may be lots of definitions for Brave and Coward. But for this case I have simple definitions for that 
  • Coward is afraid of Failure.
  • Cowards see difficult things as impossible.
  • Cowards give up easily.
  • Brave people have courage to fight failure.
  • Brave ones see everything as Possible.
  • Brave ones never give up
Hope everyone agrees with me.
When we see this line, suddenly our conscious come into picture and tells that "I never gave up at anything. So I am brave". Pl allow me to explain my dear friends. For explaining, we will be requiring an example. I only know about myself very much. So, let me take my example only.

I was having lots and lots of plans and dreams about my future, my work, my life, etc. The beauty of dream and plan is that they only can help you to overcome your Past failures. So I had a dream & for that I had a plan. First day I started working on that. Things were great. My Boss usually refer these kind of initial happiness as Honeymoon Period. So it was like a honeymoon period when I do all work according to plan. For example, going for a morning Jog was in my plan and I was doing that all three days and life became wonderful.

But, the fourth day morning I woke up by 8:45 AM. Oops... My Jogging plan collapsed. I was very much disturbed then strongly decided in the evening that I will not leave that as it is. Tomorrow at any cost I will get up early and go for jogging. But, too bad. Next day also I wake up beyond 8:30 AM. I got fed up with my plan not happening. Later whenever I think of jogging, I leave that. As whatever plan I do nothing is going to work. I will never be waking up early. So I stopped trying to make plans like that.

I hope many of us are having such stories like this. Getting up early, going to gym daily,  maintaining monthly expenditure accounts, reading newspaper daily, going to bed early, eat only healthy foods, studying 4 Hrs a week, etc. We are having our own set of stories for such things not happening.

So, the outcome of this story is people who are like me having these stories are Coward. !!! You may wonder that “If you refer as Lazy, it would be somewhat relative. But why mentioning as Coward?”

I am referring myself as Coward, not because I woke up after 8:30. I am calling myself Coward, because I stopped trying to wake up early. You refer the qualities of Coward mentioned above. Then you may understand why I tell myself as Coward.
I didn’t tried again because

  • ·         I was afraid of failure.
  • ·         I saw difficult thing as Impossible.
  • ·         I gave up easily.

I just told that example because it was easy to explain. We give up lots of such things in our life. We all want to be successful. For that it is very much important that we should try to be successful. Succeeding is next step. Trying is the very first step. If you fail, try again till you succeed and never give up. When I was thinking about this, first thing came to me was my childhood.

I am mad about playing video games, PC games etc. One thing common in all the games were, Whenever you fail in any of the stages it shows two Options but always highlight only one option. “Try Again” &“Quit” and always highlight the option “Try Again”.

So, thing to learn here is Try Again whenever you fail. But does that mean you should daily try to wake up early and you wake up late daily. Daily trying and daily failing, is that what this mean? No. Here I would like to remember the golden words of a great scholar.

Insanity is nothing but doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Considering the above Quote, it is clear that if we do the same thing over and over again & expect different results then we are Insane. So, trying again is necessary, but it is also required to analyze why it didn’t work last time & to try differently. Taking the same example of above, If I can’t wake up early, try something new next day. Try buying a big alarm clock. If didn’t work, then ask someone to call you and wake you up, Try sleeping early, Change your food habits. Try anything you can so as to make this happen. It will definitely happen at a point.

So, in order to complete any task, whether you are talented or not? It is second question.

But it is necessary that you should be brave enough to overcome the fear of Failure.

Small things you give up make yourself under confident.

Brave People Never Give Up.

Be Brave.

Adios Amigos…!