Monday, October 8, 2012

Am I Happy..?

Hi everyone.., Namaste., Vanakkam.

Its me again. It is exactly 11:47 PM. I went to bed, but not getting sleep. Lots of things going on in mind.. Saala, Wat to do tomorrow? what will happen after this, that, etc., These questions are eating my sleep most, nowadays. Lets know something deep about this.

Last Month I was in phone with my younger brother. As he is doing his 12th std, he was expected to be serious and responsible, which he was not. So there came me, to show me as a responsible elder bro, was giving him my as usual lecture. I know he was not interested in what ever I say. But I actually wanted to know what he is thinking? What is his perspective about life? & what are all his plans..?

Then I came to know, he is not having any plans at all. I was shocked first. He was taking life for granted. Later I started the attempt to make him understand the importance of a Plan in life. I've already written about Plan in previous posts and all, I told him everything. I finished my gyaan session and at last he told a point. He told,

" I don't plan anything. I don't even plan or even don't think what will happen today. I only bother what is happening now. And I am happy on that."

That last line really means a lot and made a huge effect on me. I asked myself that "I" really Plan every thing. Think futuristic, Blah blah blah.

But the million dollar question is,

"AM I Happy..?"

And the answer is negative. And this is not at all acceptable. Everyone wants to be happy. So if you Plan, you are not happy and You don't plan,  you are happy. This is totally reversing the effect. This really shatters the basics of my Theory On Planning. No, not like that. we need to re-look into this.

My brother, who doesn't think about the future., he may be happy now. But he doesn't know that whether the direction he is going is good or bad, where it'll lead him to. Again, worrying about that will not be the right way. What can be done..?

There is a way.

"Tree Diagram".

Wow, the name sounds really too serious eh. It is not a theory or something and neither I invented this thing. Me and my friend was once having a hot conversation regarding "Living on Today" topic. During the due conversation we were remembering a chapter from 3rd standard Mathematics called "Tree Diagram". It demonstrated about dividing the numbers.

The same thing, we used that in dividing our goals.

OK here let me clear how a Tree Diagram can help our Topic. A tree diagram always start with the Main and Final Goal you are aiming. This goal need not to buy a car like that. Usually it will be better if we take Personality wise Goals. What is that? Imagine a personality of How you want to be?
Let us take You want to be a personality X in next 5 Years. Your Personality X should be having certain characteristics to be at another level. I think I'm confusing. Let me explain with an example.

Lets assume, that my Main Goal is to attain the Personality X in 5 years. (Select you goal wisely so that all your activities are covered under this main goal). The personality X has lots of definitions.

  • Careerwise, He should be at the Manager Post of the company.
  • Personally, he should be having At least having 1 girlfriend Minimum (no maximum limit :P)
  • Socially, He should be in such a position that at least the people who knows him should have a respect towards him.

So hereby My Main Goal have now been divided into 3 Category-wise Goals.
Now these 3 Sub goals will be having some short term goals.
For example, Under my Career wise Category Goal I have some Short term Goals.
    • Promotion This Year.
    • Improve Qualification.
    • Complete XYZ Project
These Short term goals will help me to achieve my Long term Career-category Goal.

Now the next hierarchy below is Activity. Means, In order to  complete my above said Short term goal, I have to complete some or more activities.

Example: Under the short term Goal - "Promotion This Year" , following are the activities needed.
      • Improve my performance score by xx/yy.
      • Improve my Presentation Skill (one PPT a month)
      • Impress my boss. (Wherever Possible)
Goddamn. Impress my boss.  {looks funny ah.. In my 3 years of corporate experience I found this unavoidable.} ha ha... Coming to the point, these are the activities. And finally there will be Tasks under these activities. Example:
        • Prepare Monthly PPT for his meeting.
        • Help boss buy some groceries. (:D)
These are the task I need to accomplish in order to impress my Boss.

Things I've told above, I've made a sample tree below for your reference..

I can smell what you people are thinking...

He doesn't have any other work... Is it all this much necessary.. We all have lots of work to do and we don't have any time for these time pass.

No problem., I can explain why this is necessary.

I hope we all accept that planning is very much necessary for life. We discussed abt this already. So now the point is how to Plan your life, and also not to worry and be happy. This normally happened to me..

I will be asked to help my boss most of the times. Make his PPT, make his monthly MIS, etc., etc., While doing them I will be too much depressed and I cursed myself that " I shouldn't have been here. One side my plan is to become a manager. And here I'm doing someothers work which doesn't credit me at all. What the fish...?".

This has been my mentality and which used to make me worry.

So, Once I got these ideas and create a tree diagram., Weekly once I'll refine and make this final "Tree". So after making the tree, daily I spend half an hour and that too, I'll take down all the Task level things (Brown Coloured items in the tree). Then plan the day and do those tasks. Now what happens is, all the tasks I do has been taken from the tree.  So some where over the line, It is connected to the Main and final Goal of mine. So I was not required to worry about why I am doing this task., How will it help me reach my goal.. No need to think all these. I'm confident that I am doing a task which is in my Tree - means it'll contribute achieving my goal. So be free and concentrate only on the task. It helped me to perform the task better. And here it is..

I'm Happy now....

This post going too long...

OK.. This is what I followed and I started getting results. Need all your views on the thing...

Pl do comment..