Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who Am I....?

Who Am I…? Why do I always act abnormal…? Suddenly starts writing blogs, always update weird statuses on FB…, at once call everyone and tell we’ll start a website and lot more things I do nowhere connects..

One line Answers all these questions:

I am a Self Confused Creature…!

Is it really so. No, when looked deep, you may know that I am not a self confused person. But why do I do all these things. It took very long for me to find out why I do all these things.

The thing is that my inner self is not satisfied with whatever I am doing at present. I am actually in SEARCH of something. Something that will give a meaning for being myself, an identity to register myself in this world, something that defines me.
And the problem is that I still didn’t find that thing, really.

My mom often says that why do U think much. You are in a good job, earns well. This itself is a great thing and what else do you want to do.
But it is not so. The Job what I am doing is what I do for my living. What I am searching is something that I should be living to do that. There is a difference between
“Doing to live” thing &
“Living to Do” thing. 

And I am searching "Living to Do" kind of thing.

I will keep on searching. And I am sure that one day I will surely find one such thing. If you know anything that could help me in the search, pl feel free to express on comments.