Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plan. (Etha pannaalum Plan pannaama panna koodaathu)

Hi Friends.,

Long time I was thinking about what to write about in the blog.. One evening I was thinking about how to plan my life ahead. That particular thought process was really informative for me. Then decided why not to share this to all. Hence blogging...


It was a serious conversation between me and my inner gyaani - Baba Ved-Naath (my spiritual guru)..

Veda: Guruji.., What is a Plan...? Can you explain with an example..

Baba Vednaath: If you need to start a journey to destination - X then, planning is nothing but analyzing all the factors and laying down a set of directions which will  lead to the Destination - X.

Veda: Why to do this..? Obviously you are the person who knows the directions, then why laying it down prior. we can sort it down in the journey itself..  .

Baba Vednaath: Yes, you are right my son. But, the advantage is, once you lay down the plan, you don't need to worry about the destination during the journey. Just adhering to the plan will take you to the destination. This makes your journey pleasant.

Veda: Oh.. Right.. But what if the plan fails.,

Baba Vednaath: Obviously, it doesn't need to be first time right always. But lets see How a Plan fails..
A plan fails under 2 reasons.
1) You didn't Plan according to your performance. (It'll help improve your planning)
2) You didn't perform according to your plan.. (It'll help improve your performance)...,
Improving both will eventually improve your life.

Veda: Everything is right guruji, but my friend always tells that life is full of suspense. Too much planning will make life more tensed without any reason. What about that..?

Baba Vednaath: Of course, too much of planning is also kind of dangerous. For ex: if you plan your retired life at the age of 20, it will cause unnecessary tension and creates a mess.

Veda: Then how much should be planned exactly guruji.?

Baba Vednaath: OK, let me explain this with an example
Living your life is like Driving a car on a strange road in a dark night with your headlights ON. Here what, your headlight will not show the whole stretch of road. It will only show a patch of road in front of you. Now you can plan your driving only upto where your headlights illuminate. Once you reach there, your headlights show more patch of road and you can plan till that and move on..
Your Life is also like that. You should only plan upto where your future vision is. If you have a future vision of 3 years, plan for next three years. Or if you are not sure of what happen after 10 days, only have a Future Vision of 10 Days, then plan only for next 10 Days.

Veda: Thanks Guruji., I am really clear now.


Hope Baba Ved-Naath have given some little insights on Planning.

Thanks & See U soon...,

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