Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yesterday Evening.

Yesterday evening, nothing new happened.

I was up in my terrace and as usual, I was into a thought process... (here a question arises, Why do I think a lot...?.. Even I don't have an answer.)

I was thinking that my life cycle have stopped moving.. Nothing happening, & I'm trying to push it ahead. Ofcourse everyone wants their life to be interesting. But is it necessary that every day of life should be interesting...? Is everyone's life is full of surprises and events everyday...? When noone feels like that, Why I only feel so Usual & Boring everyday..?

I found the answer....

Everyone is having one or more people around them, who makes their life lively... There might be someone, who makes you day special. I'm not referring your girlfriend/lover like that. It may be anyone, your family member or your friend or even may also be your love, anyone.

This life is not meant to live alone. So I have nobody around me who makes the day special..

This made me to think really deeper and made me feel that " Something's wrong, may be in me, my activities, my character.. something" Then why always I being the person who is always left alone. By the time i am telling, the whole world is different from my thoughts, I forgot the truth that not the whole world is different from me. It is me, the one who is different from the whole world.

It was 12:30 in the midnight. I was alone in the terrace, Starring at the Buddha Statue in the middle of the Lake (Tankbund) from my terrace.

There I felt like that, the Buddha Statue was trying to tell me something..
"You may do good things in life. You may always thing good to the people around you. You'll learn lot of lessons in life and also will Preach to the people around you.
But No wonder, you will end-up alone in the middle of the lake. People will come to worship you and will go away, but no one will stay back to accompany you..."

Life is not fair to everybody.. But that's not an excuse to lose in life...
Will put my everything, to be successful. Ready to face anything for that. But one thing is for sure....

I can't do that alone..